Nuno Coelho Santos
Product Designer

Hi, I’m Nuno.
I create products that enrich lives with simple, thoughtful, and delightful design.

Portrait of Nuno Coelho Santos

I'm a product designer, advisor, and software developer from Porto, Portugal, now living in Berlin.

My passion lies at the intersection of design and engineering. I love building high-fidelity prototypes of the experiences I work on and thrive in solving complex problems with a passionate, closely-knit multidisciplinary team. I also work on my own independent products from time to time.

Outside of work, I enjoy photography with my Fujifilm Instax Wide and Sony α7C cameras, playing piano, hiking, and surfing.








People I’d Love to Meet

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some of my heroes. But there are sill many more in the industry I’d like to meet in real life.