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I’m Nuno, a product designer based in Berlin.

I’m Nuno, a product designer based in Berlin. I specialise in human interface design, and enjoy building my own apps as a hobby.

I currently work at WhatsApp to help over 2 billion people around the world communicate privately.

Previously, I worked at Google to bring new healthcare technology to clinicians.

Nuno Coelho Santos, portuguese graphic and product designer at Facebook WhatsApp, Google, DeepMind, Thread, ustwo.

2020 Speaker Adobe MAX 2020
2020 Panel Zen and the Art of Design Systems
2019 Interview Interface Lovers
2018 Speaker DIGICOM
2018 Speaker Queen’s Young Leaders
2017 Speaker Escola Artística de Soares dos Reis
2016 Interview iClub
2015 Feature httpstr
2013 Feature SiteInspire

Streams helps doctors and nurses quickly handle patient deterioration.


Senior UX Designer




Streams App Icon

Streams is an iOS application for doctors and nurses in the UK. It sends alerts for patients at risk of an Acute Kidney Injury and allows easy viewing of patient health record data.

Streams for iPad
Streams App Icon

At the start of 2018, I worked on a redesign of Streams using Material Design in preparation to scale the product to new markets. My team did an audit of the existing UI to see what to replace with a pre-existing Material component, and what new components we needed to build ourselves to deliver the full experience. We extended Material design with a handful of custom components and patterns, which I will share below.

Before After Streams Patient Profile Overview Streams Patient Profile Overview

The redesigned interface is intended to be bright, clear, and follow the Material Design language.

Before After Streams Patient Profile Observations Streams Patient Profile Observations

Accessibility was at the forefront of the redesign. We aligned all content with two keylines, which resulted in improved legibility and avoided eye movement from left to the right of the screen when scanning. The content was also commonly grouped by a leading icon or badge.

Before After Streams Help Streams Help

The two-keyline layout also made it easy to support resizable text sizes. And finally, we rewrote all of the UI copy to be succinct and adhere to an established tone of voice.

For the bespoke components created, we put together specs outlining their layout and behavior. Below is an example of a NEWS (National Early Warning Score) badge. NEWS is a numerical indicator of how ill a patient is, based on their vital signs. The higher, the worse.

Streams Badge Component

Another pattern in Streams is for patient identification. At a glance, we show a lot of identifiers: Surname, first name, date of birth, age, Medical Record Number, and location. These are necessary to positively identify a patient. Once the user finds the intended patient and browses through the record, we reduce the set of identifiers.

Streams Identifiers in Patients List Streams Patient Header Streams Short Patient Header

I also created several prototypes, such as this note attachment viewer prototype built using SwiftUI.

Streams Poster

In June of 2020, we released a new feature in Streams to display Covid-19 patient test results. To spread awareness, we made this for the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust at launch.

I’m incredibly proud of all the work I’ve done at Streams and for the NHS while working for DeepMind Health and Google. And hope to share in the future about my work at Google Health.

Currency is a simple currency conversion app for iPhone.


Product Designer & iOS Developer


January–March 2016


A side-project to learn iOS development. Designed and developed by myself over the course of two months.

After using various currency conversion apps for iOS, I found most of them to be complex, unintuitive, or out of date. Most of the time they’ll have walkthroughs, unnecessary navigation, or too many options. I designed Currency to be the simplest and most intuitive currency converter in the App Store.

1. Very quick to use
2. Designed for travellers
3. No walkthroughs

One of the most unique aspects of Currency is how the numbers are formatted. They have the correct currency symbol, number of decimal places, decimal divider, and group dividers. This makes the number look exactly how you’d see it in a store or market while traveling.

The final design focuses on doing one job well: converting a foreign currency into the customer’s home currency. Features such as currency fluctuation graphs, in-app settings and notifications were not necessary for this job.

Currency for iOS App Icon, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

The icon is designed to fit perfectly with iOS, presenting Currency as if it is part of the operating system.

Currency for iOS glyphs and icons, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

Most currency apps use country flags to illustrate different currencies. Yet, as some currencies like Bitcoin or the Euro don’t belong to a specific country, I opted for using currency codes instead.

Currency for iOS Design Process, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

In the early sketches I was working out how to select a currency and swap input currencies. The first visual design direction had a blue and dark visual style that I moved away from. While asking for feedback, people seemed confused about which number they were editing so I added a text input blinking cursor.

The final design is bright and shows activity indicators when the currency exchange rates are being updated. After receiving more feedback and feature requests, I added more options to the app settings in the iOS Settings app.

Currency for iOS Development Process, work by Nuno Coelho Santos Currency for iOS Xcode Storyboard, work by Nuno Coelho Santos Currency for iOS Xcode Exploded UI View, work by Nuno Coelho Santos Currency for iOS Source Code Screenshot, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

This was the first app I developed for iOS, and my first time writing Swift. Learning how to develop for iOS was a personal goal for years. I learned by reading Beginning iOS Development in Swift by Apress, and with some help from friends like Jonathon Toon and Tiago Alves.

You can see the source code for the first version on GitHub.

Currency for iOS localization screenshots, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

The application, website, and marketing material is localized to the US, the UK, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. A year after release, 76% of the downloads are from users in the Asia/Pacific region.

Currency for iOS downloads per region, work by Nuno Coelho Santos
Currency for iOS reviews, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

Four years after release, Currency has been downloaded over 28,000 times and has an average rating of 4.6 stars on the App Store.

I continue updating Currency to make use of the latest technologies and advancemets in iOS. You can download it for $0.99 or equivalent from the App Store.

Currency for iOS dark mode, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

Thread offers one-to-one personal styling and a powerful clothing recommendation engine.


Product Designer & Front-end Web Developer




Thread is an online styling service, currently only for men in the UK. It brings together fashion stylists and machine learning to give users high-quality personal styling for free. Thread is a YC’11 start-up founded by Kieran O’Neill, Benjamin Phillips, and Ben Kucsan.

How might we improve our mobile experience?

Despite most users completing an order via the desktop browser, the vast majority of Thread usage comes from mobile browsers. Me and Ben K put a focus on the mobile experience and started work on a native mobile experience in order to push up orders on mobile platforms.

Thread V2 iOS wireframes, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

Moving our product from being a desktop-first website to a mobile-first native application led us to re-architecture the user interface.

We developed a new design system for Thread called Thread Whitechapel. This design system included new type styles, new touch interactions, new guidelines for flows and page content, and a new set of components. This resulted not only in a better mobile experience, but it also allowed us to design and develop faster while keeping our visual language consistent.

Thread V2 modals redesign, work by Nuno Coelho Santos Thread V2 modals redesign, work by Nuno Coelho Santos Thread V2 component library, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

How might we provide a thread service while stylists are away?

Thread has a powerful recommendation engine that finely tunes the outfits each stylist creates to each user’s budget, preference of material, brand, skin color, body shape, and many other factors.

The personal touch is what makes Thread unique, and that is the core of the product. But when stylists are away, the activity stops. How might we deliver some of the power of that very personal recommendation even when stylists are not available?

Thread Browse icons, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

We wanted an experience similar to walking to a clothing store and seeing only new items that you would love. This became Thread Browse.

We went beyond just creating an online store. We created a browse experience, but out-of-the-box this gives the user personalized item recommendations, in stock, available on their size and within budget.

Thread browse desktop design, work by Nuno Coelho Santos

Thread has been growing steadily over the last few years and I’m incredibly proud of all the work we have done together. If you’re interested in working at Thread, see their jobs page. If you’d like to sign up, go to

Other projects involve work on branding, photography, illustration, and software development.

A set of icons for Big Sur, a project by Nuno Coelho Santos
Big Sur Icons

My own set of icons for the new look of macOS. Download them or visit the website.

Opening photo from “15 Days in Japan”, a project by Nuno Coelho Santos
15 Days in Japan

One of my most popular side-projects. A travel blog where I documented my experience traveling completely on my own in a country where I didn’t speak the language. All photos taken with a Fuji X100. See the story here.

Photo taken inside of the ustwo London office
ustwo brand

The ustwo brand design is inspired by the candid and daring company culture. This included a new logo, website design, typeface, and tone of voice. See it here.

Instagram redesign

A visual design exercise as part of my training at ustwo. See the process here.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to discuss more, share feedback, or ask any questions, please get in touch.

Nuno Coelho Santos

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